Where community comes first;
fitness, mental health, spirituality, also first.
To lower stress, while boosting confidence.
Breathing in... fresh life.
Exhaling away... your daily poopoos.
Opening your heart and mind to possibilities,
while closing in on your practice to focus on you.

If a Welcoming House is what you seek…
Where beauty is found, healthy habits are formed, community is strong,
bodies reenergized, and worries, drama, stress sweat off your very being.
Where yoga is affordable and accessible.
Where peace, creativity, vitality, sanctuary, energy,
and kick-ass yoga practice live and greet you at the front door...
Then welcome home...

House Yoga is a military veteran owned business that seeks to cultivate a community in building strong minds, bodies, and souls. With an exceptional, determined, and unique set of certified instructors with a variety of backgrounds, the group here at House Yoga would like to show how yoga and kula can change the world, one practice at a time.

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