Arnaldo Ortiz

Arnaldo Ortiz instructs the following:
  • Hot House
  • You're not in the Amazon or the Congo… but we’ll make it feel like you are. In a heated room ranging from 85-95 degrees with 40% humidity, you’re in for a swim! All the benefits of House Flow, but with more. The heat helps you reach new levels of flexibility, using breath as a way to manage your temperature, endurance, and control, intensifying your cardio, detoxing the crap out of your muscles, organs, and glands through sweat, all the while challenging your focus even further. We have towels ready for you to catch all those calories you’ll burn. Heat therapy baby.

  • Stretch Flow
  • “House Yoga…Why should I do this silly class?”
    “Well, grasshopper…This is why:”
    1. Reduce stress by stretching out your tensed out muscles, while
    boosting your endorphins, to improve your mood and the way you feel. 2. Increase your range of motion, allowing for better balance.
    3. Increase blood flow and nutrient circulation to muscles and cartilage to prevent soreness and general muscle discomfort.
    4. Increase your flexibility, because aging gradually makes your muscles shorter and tighter, making you more susceptible to injuries.
    5. Alleviate lower back pain especially for the professional office chair champion or if you stand all day long.