Jim Browning

FUN FACT: "I used to be lawyer, but now I'm a professor in one of New Jersey's top colleges with my PhD in Geology."

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF YOGA AND TEACHING BACKGROUND: "It's been said that my grounded teaching style is 'rock' solid :D. I received my teacher certification from Hot Yoga Revolution in 2014 and prefer a hot power vinyasa yoga practice."

Jim Browning instructs the following:
  • Hot House
  • You're not in the Amazon or the Congo… but we’ll make it feel like you are. In a heated room ranging from 85-95 degrees with 40% humidity, you’re in for a swim! All the benefits of House Flow, but with more. The heat helps you reach new levels of flexibility, using breath as a way to manage your temperature, endurance, and control, intensifying your cardio, detoxing the crap out of your muscles, organs, and glands through sweat, all the while challenging your focus even further. We have towels ready for you to catch all those calories you’ll burn. Heat therapy baby.